Denise Marchessault

Cooking is my creative outlet. Whether I’m cooking for friends, writing about food, or teaching others to cook, it’s how I connect with others.

I couldn’t decide between a sweet or savoury path, so I studied both. I was classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, where I received Le Grand Diplôme, a blue-ribboned two thumbs up for diplomas in both pastry and cuisine.

I wrote the cookbook, British Columbia From Scratch, a  venture with photographer Caroline West (more about Caroline below). The book celebrates the bounty of British Columbia and the simple joy of cooking from scratch.

For years I taught cooking lessons in Victoria, at my cooking school, French Mint, on Vancouver Island, followed by a five-year stint in Vancouver, B.C.  I’ve recently returned to Victoria where I’m working on my next cookbook.

My recipes reflect my love of classical French cooking techniques. I cook entirely from scratch – soups and sauces are not bolstered by a box, packet or cube. Breads are kneaded, pasta is rolled, and stock simmers on the stove – mine is a messy, happy, and fragrant kitchen.

When I’m not teaching or developing new recipes, I’m re-discovering Victoria by bicycle.

Denise Marchessault

PS  If you’re curious about my culinary journey with Le Cordon Bleu, have a peek at Michal Tulipan’s article in Travel Squire.

Proud Member Le Dames d’Escoffier, BC Chapter

Caroline West - Photographer

Caroline West

Meet my talented friend, Caroline West, whose many mouth-watering images fill this site. Caroline is an art director, photographer, vintage homeware collector and regular contributor to Vogue Living, Australia.

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