Fritatta with Onion Relish

Image by Caroline West

  If you’re looking for creative ways to round up odds and ends in the refrigerator, a frittata is your answer. The recipe, featured in British Columbia From Scratch, is especially comforting when we’re collectively homebound and making an effort to keep grocery shopping to a minimum.  I love pairing eggs with leftover pasta and barely-melted feta, […]

Potato Gnocchi & Sage

You can spend your entire life without these little dumplings and not even know what you’re missing. I thought gnocchi were heavy, starchy dumplings that I could live without. A trip to Italy changed all that and now gnocchi is part of my standard repertoire. If you enjoy working with dough, as I do, making […]


The humble spud — satisfying, comforting, and reliable.  Just because potatoes are cheap doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy.   Enter Rösti — just one more way to love a potato. Rösti (pronounced ROOSH-tee) is simply grated potatoes pressed into a sizzling, well-oiled pan.  They’re traditionally served flat, but I’ve nudged them into a little potato […]

Ratatouille Tart

Zucchini squash, sweet peppers and vine-ripened tomatoes take center stage in this rustic tart. An adaptation of my ratatouille tart recipe in British Columbia From Scratch, this open-faced version includes briny Kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts and a handful of fresh herbs. Tucked beneath the vegetables is a savoury filling made of creamy ricotta, feta […]

Kale & Roasted Zucchini

This hearty salad combines sweet roasted zucchini, tender fava beans and kale tossed in a ginger-mustard vinaigrette. Served atop a bed of black quinoa, with a spoonful of nutty parsley dressing and a boiled egg, this nutritious salad is perfect for a robust lunch or late-night dinner.  Beautiful bowl essential.     1 large zucchini […]

Potato Leek Galette

If you’re a pastry novice, consider the galette as a gateway pie. With no crimping to master or tart pan to line, a galette is a terrific way to ease into pastry. The rustic potato and leek galette, pictured above, is a mouth-watering mixture of slow-cooked leeks, a medley of cheese, and thinly sliced potatoes […]

Lemony Chicken Pot Pies

I rediscovered these delicious pies when a kindly neighbor, someone I barely knew, knocked on my door and presented me with a wooden tray of still-warm chicken pot pies. I had just returned from the hospital and answered the door balancing a wailing infant in each arm. Every time I tuck into a chicken pot […]

Duck Confit

Duck confit is a moist and intensely flavoured meat; tastier than chicken but not at all gamey. The skin crisps up beautifully, sort of like bacon, only better. Confit is made by slowly poaching seasoned duck legs in duck fat (yes, duck fat) until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. While this may sound about as […]

Classic French Omelette

Few foods transcend all seasons like a French omelet. No matter the weather or mood, omelets are somehow reassuring. More technique than a recipe, a classic French omelet is different from your sturdy, stuffed with “the works” omelet.  I enjoy both but when I’m in the mood for something delicate, I’ll opt for the lighter […]

Eggs en Cocotte

Oeufs en Cocotte

I enjoyed many versions of Egg en Cocotte, or Oeufs En Cocotte, during a summer in France. It was often served for lunch or as an appetizer. I enjoy it anytime — it’s easy to prepare, cooks quickly and transforms leftovers into French bistro fare.  I’ve used a filling of spinach and mushrooms but there […]