This savoury roasted beet soup is made special with the addition of spicy chorizo sausage and tart green apples. Buy the best chorizo you can afford, it makes a difference. And, if you have the time to make your own chicken stock, do so—there’s simply no comparison to homemade.   A dollop of sour cream, bright […]

Mulligatawny Stew

In the damp grey days of late winter, Mulligatawny stew provides the comfort of a worn sweater. It’s a rustic stew of root vegetables, tart apples, fresh ginger, and fragrant Indian spices, made rich and silky, with the addition of coconut milk. Like all stews (or soups, if you add additional liquid), Mulligatawny is made […]

Minestrone with Pistou

Minestrone Soup

I love Minestrone soup but ordering it in a restaurant is dicey. Often the broth is too weak or tomato-y for my taste and if pasta is added, it’s soggy beyond recognition. I prefer a robust broth made from tomatoes and roasted chicken stock. I’ve infused mine with Kielbasa sausage and a generous chunk of […]

Shiitake Dumpling Soup

My friend, chef Akemi Akutsu, taught Japanese cooking classes at French Mint. While rolling sushi and pleating gyoza dumplings, she shared stories of her life in Japan. Her family grew Shiitake mushrooms so school breaks were spent planting hundreds of Shiitake stems. She recalled neighbourhood parties where freshly picked Shiitakes were pan-fried over an open […]

Carrot & Orange Soup

You know your soup is good when you’re enjoying it cold from the refrigerator in the Tupperware container you stored it in.  It’s even better served warm. Carrot soup is pretty tame, some might say boring, until it’s cheered up with freshly grated spicy ginger, freshly squeezed orange juice and acidic tomatoes.  Now, that’s a […]

Spicy Thai Noodle Soup

When the weather’s at odds with the season, this light, yet comforting, soup hits the spot. The aromatic Thai-flavoured broth is made of fish stock and coconut milk steeped with ginger, garlic, and lemongrass. Sidestripe shrimp, rice noodles, and broccoli make for a soup that’s so heartening, you might even forget it’s raining. I prepare […]

Sparkling Consommé

In culinary school our chef instructor insisted on consommé so clear you could read the date on a dime at the bottom of a bowl. He never tossed pocket change into our soup but he did teach us how to transform cloudy stock into a consommé so light and translucent it sparkled — with flavour […]

Halibut Fish Stock

If you enjoy seafood,  you’ll love what homemade fish stock does to chowders, sauces and stews.  Fish stock can be made with any type of white fish, but halibut is in season and it creates the most delicate, flavourful broth imaginable. Vegetables,  herbs, wine, water and halibut bones create a milky stock that outshines anything […]

Chicken and Beef Stock

  When the grocers’ shelves are lined with ready-made stock, it’s easy to dismiss making your own.  But if you can find the time to make stock — it’s mostly a hands-off affair — your soups and sauces will take on a deeper level of flavour that can’t be found in a box, packet or cube. […]

Squash Soup with Apple & Pear

squash soup

This mellow, silky smooth roasted squash soup has just enough fruit to give it a sweet lift. It is drizzled with a tangy sauce made of the mildest blue cheese and topped with toasted squash seeds. The sauce is a quick, flavourful tip I learned from my talented friend, chef Castro Boateng. If you’re lucky […]