There are many ways to cook corn but grilling it, in its husk, is a fine way to keep it moist and sweet. The heat from the grill and the corn’s protective husk steams the kernels. Some recipes call for pre-soaking the corn, but I don’t bother with this extra step. I place the corn in their husks directly on a heated BBQ grill, turn the cobs now and again, and in about 25 minutes they’re cooked to perfection.

Corn is most flavourful within three days of harvest. Here on the island, it’s easy to buy direct from the farmer, but if you don’t have that option, look for corn with tassels that are light, sticky and moist, not dark or dry. When you peel back the husks a bit, the tip should reveal plump and tightly packed kernels.

Grilled Corn

Serves 4 to 6


■ 4 - 6 cobs of corn, husks intact

Cooking Instructions

Preheat a BBQ to medium-high. Place the cobs directly on the grill, with husks intact, placed with enough space between them for air to circulate. Close the lid and set the temperature gauge, if your grill has one, to 400°F - 425°F (220°C).

Grill the corn until tender, about 25 - 30 minutes, rotating the cobs every 7 - 8 minutes.  The husks should become charred but not completely burned. Test one cob after 25 minutes by peeling back the husk and sampling the kernels. They should be tender and hot.

When cool enough to handle, remove the husks. Serve warm with butter and salt.

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